Diamond-based quantum sensing and information

Information and Communication

Project Description

Quantum mechanics can overcome the traditional limits to sensing, computing, and communication. For example, it is possible to beat the limits of shot noise and thermal noise for weak signal detection, optimization problems can be solved faster on a quantum computer than a classical one, secure communication with unbreakable codes is possible on a quantum communication system. However for all of these applications, it is critical to identify a system for practical implementation. To this end, we propose the use of opto-magnetic color-centers in diamond. One of these, the nitrogen-vacancy (NV), has demonstrated the potential for room temperature quantum computers, and nanoscale quantum sensors. Another, the germanium-vacancy (GeV), has the potential to outperform all other solid-state systems for the quantum memories needed for communication systems. New systems in diamond are being discovered on a monthly basis, for example a system that can outperform the NV for room temperature sensing has just been discovered. The field is moving rapidly and showing great promise for the implementation of quantum sensing and information concepts. We have more than 20 years of experience with diamond systems and are pioneers the field. At the same time we have just developed a new way to grow diamonds that gives us unprecedented control over the type and location of magneto-optic defects. We therefore are in the perfect position to create the next generation of quantum sensing and informatics devices and systems using diamond.

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